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Refurbished Iphone Vs. Android OS

refurbished IphoneSince the huge impact of the Smartphone’s in people life the mobile device topics are some of a terrific interest. Currently on the market there are two top level types of phones, owning more than 90% of the sells across the globe: Android and iPhone. Each of them has its own unique strengths, but also its own disadvantages of using.

The first phone to overwhelm the market was Android. Running a Linux-based operating system, this mobile phone managed to be the first truly open-source mobile operating system. iPhone on the other hand is running its own developed iOS operating system, close designed for their own hardware technologies and with the accumulation of experience of their own experts in the development area.

Android vs iOS

In the following sections I will try to briefly overrun through the main pros and cons of these two operating systems, in order to be aware of the capabilities of each one when you decide to renew your mobile phone, maybe buying a refurbished Iphone 6.

In terms of battery management, there is no question that Apple provides a high ratio of performance/battery life. Considering the fact that iOS is not open sourced, the amount of applications developed for this type of phones is not so high as for Android. Thus, we can say that the system’s security is relatively higher for Apple than Android. This fact comes as a consequence of having less applications developed, but with a much higher quality overall.

Cross-Platform Applications for Android and Apple Devices

The main disadvantage for people in this gigantic battle is the fact that applications are not able to be ported between platforms. Luckily, there is nowadays being developed a tool named Xamarin, produced by Microsoft, which allows developers to program applications for both cross-platforms.

Be aware that on an Android phone malicious programs can very easy shut down your device, or worse, steal your personal data. This can be possible because as the operating system is open-source, many hackers cracked inside the kernel of it and found numerous vulnerabilities exploited inside their applications. Meanwhile, if you have an iOS device you don’t need to worry that much about this problem. From this point of view, Apple secured their applications very well and the number of vulnerabilities for this platform is either low, either these were not yet discovered by hackers.

Multitasking And Real-Time Features

One of the great advantages of Android is that new modules can be custom added to each application. This means that every developer can try to understand the very own logic of the platforms kernel and then he can easily add custom-made modules that can boost his application performance.

Also, multi-threading is a very powerful weapon of Android against iOS. Applications can easily intercommunicate with each other in order to create high quality back and front end programs that maybe will change our life in the future.

There is nothing to say regarding the fact that iOS has better support for real-time apps. His traceability and scalability is also higher, reason why this platform is chosen by many developers and companies.

Probably the main advantage of Apple software’s is that their applications should not concern about the hardware compatibilities. The fit conjunction will certainly be on as the hardware integrated inside each iPhone is specially designed by Apple in order to match with their programming libraries.


When it comes to the Graphical User Interface, both operating systems are on the same level of accessibility and beauty. So if you are a big fan of Apple and you don’t care about the money invested in your mobile device you will probably pursue the latest model to buy, but if you do care about the money and your budget is limited, an unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 is for sure the best choice for you to consider.

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Tips and Tricks to Buying a Refurbished Iphone

refurbished-phone-1There is widely known that buying a refurbished phone can spare you a precious amount of cash and time. Instead of staying up-to-date with the latest releases, you can easily search on dedicated sites and talk to some experienced sellers in order to buy a great device.

When referring to a refurbished phone I refer to those phones that once had a proprietor and now, due to various circumstances, are again up on the market. Regarding these amazing device opportunity there are several aspect to consider when thinking of buying one.

Why Consider a Refurbished Phone?

One of the many reasons that people tend to buy a refurbished phone instead of a new one is the price. Many devices available on the market have their selling price almost half the new one, and their state is nearly untouched.

Also, iPhone repair companies often replace the broken components inside a refurbished phone so that they increase its capabilities and performance. Ehen considering buying such a phone there is to remember to search for them only on top level companies that are fully aware of the market requirements and complaints.

Refurbished Phone

In this way, you can be sure that you are not scammed and that you mobile phone has 100% original components inside of it. Despite just buying a phone directly from a previous user, try always to contact an official store specialized on selling refurbished devices. Thus you can improve your buy security and trustiness.

Points of Interest in a Refurbished Phone

Without uncertainty there are at least 3 main points to be considered on a refurbished phone. I will detail each one in the following paragraphs:

  • Battery Life;
  • iPhones are widely known to have a great battery life time, up to 7 hours talk time;
  • consider checking the phone’s battery before purchasing it as it may be either low replaced (case in which you should consider buying another model) either replaced with a better version (case in which you should increase your interests on this phone);
  • Memory Limit;
  • Before you ultimately make your buy don’t forget to check the phone’s memory;
  • Older iPhone’s have a lower memory storage, and this thing can be for sure an inconvenient because you won’t be able you run all your desired apps in the same time;
  • For newer phones, this aspect is not a problem as the memory is very well mapped on application performances;
  • Screen Harm;
  • Another important aspect to consider is the durability of your phone’s screen glass;
  • iPhones are well known to have enhanced screen protection, so take care when looking for a new phone to have it’s original screen, as a replaced one can have this attributes quite much modified;


If you are truly considering buying a refurbished phone your knowledge about how to do it has considerably improved reading this article. Take care not be scammed and ultimately, chose the one that fits most on your necessities and the one that integrates in your budget limits.


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CES 2016: Some Of The Best New Products

The annual CES technology took place in Las Vegas NV last week. With it being the biggest consumer electronics fair in the world, you’d expect it to be crammed with the world’s leading technology companies showing off their latest innovative products and they didn’t disappoint. Alongside the biggest companies at the show, there were many innovative start up companies hoping to get a piece of the market with their own products.

In this Blog Post i’ll be guiding you through some of the best and innovative products at CES 2016.

First up the Ehang 184 AAV Passenger Ready Drone.

Drone 1

The Ehang 184 Passenger Ready Drone is not your typical drone it carries an actual human being, yes a human being or a dog if a dog knows how to use it. It looks like Marty McFly and Doc Brown were a tad bit early when it came to people flying around the sky to go pick up some groceries but if this does go into full production and becomes a mainstream in everyday civilian travel, I wouldn’t expect this to happen for at least 10 years. Still it’s a very cool thing to dream of one day having.

With the rise and rise of popularity in drones companies are always coming up with ideas to make drones safer and the user ability easier. At CES 2016 drone manufacturers are showcasing their ideas like using GPS so that drones are able to avoid things such as trees, cars and houses. While using GPS to avoid objects the drones will be using GPS to track your moves as well. As the year progresses the drones will become more lightweight and hopefully the battery powering the drones will start to last longer as a small drone at the moment only lasts between 5-10 minutes flight time and the larger ones last between only 20-30 minutes flight time.

Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality has come a long way since its appearances in 1980’s Sci-Fi movies. Virtual reality is becoming more a reality and less Sci-Fi as each year passes and 2016 is set to be a big year for virtual reality as many companies plan to release their VR headsets this year.

The Oculus Rift is set to be released in March 2016 in the United States. It has gone through many prototypes since 2013 to get it ready for mass production and release in 2016.


Oculus Rift aim to ‘give you hands’ in virtual reality which would link in with their partnership with Microsoft to provide a VR headset for the Xbox Console. This is a game changer as the player will feel that they are actually in the game instead of just sitting on a chair playing it. With the release of the Oculus headset on Xbox, the headset will come with an Xbox controller and you’ll be able to play games using just the two devices. Xbox are set to release games later in the year to coincide with its release. Upon release in America its set to be $599 for the headset.


In addition to the Oculus/Microsoft, their rival Sony PlayStation are planning on releasing their own VR system in the Summer of 2016, which at the moment is being touted as a cheaper alternative to its rival.

HTC are planning to release their own VR system this year which was showcased at CES 2016. The system has a front facing camera which alerts the user to obstacles in the way when wearing the headset.

Its all very cool and I personally can’t wait to try these products for myself.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have been around for a while now with the Apple Watch being released in 2015 and the ill-fated Google Glasses being a famous failure being maybe the most recognizable wearable devices. Many big companies and start ups alike are coming up with innovative ideas for wearable devices which many were showcased at CES 2016.

The coolest wearable device at this years CES is the Doppler Labs Here Active Listening Earbuds they are wireless earbuds which change your perception of the world around you.

dopplerdoppler 2

They are paired with a smartphone to remix the sounds you hear in your environment. It lets users filter out or enhance audio frequencies before it reaches the ears. It has a preset for dealing with sounds such as crying babies, background noise such as people chatting, trains and traffic.

It can crank up the bass either on your personal music collection or at a live event such as a concert.

The app is available on iOS and Android and its conducted using the microphone on the phone and a digital signal processor via Bluetooth.

They are expected to be $249 when they go on sale in America.

The Avegant Glyph Personal Theater is another cool device. They may look like headphones but you slide them over your eyes to watch a movie when connected to a compatible HDMI – phone, tablet, PC or console.


Other Stuff

The Samsung TabPro S, is a cross between Surface Pro 4 and an iPad Pro it runs on Windows 10. Its really light and thin as a tablet. It runs on the 2-in-1 form. Its just one of many smart devices previewed at CES 2016.


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Why Refurbish Old Computer Equipment

To refurbish something is to restore or renew to a condition where its almost like a brand new item in both appearance and usability.

At Green IT, we take PCs, laptops and other computer equipment that has been made surplus to requirements in a corporate workplace and overhaul them and bring them back to a condition that’s as close to brand new without them being brand new.

When the computer equipment is fully refurbished we sell them on to schools at a vastly reduced priced, we also sell them on to the public, again at a vastly reduced price.

The advantages of refurbishing old equipment for re-use is staggering. Instead of throwing out a laptop that’s say 7-8 years old, we take them in, if they’re still in reasonable working order (the only equipment we don’t take in are the ones that are beyond saving) we’ll take them in, open them up and completely overhaul them from the inside out. When refurbishing them we clean them for any debris and take the laptop apart and fix what ever needs to be fixed and update them with the latest operating system that is compatible with the computer.

So why refurbish old computer equipment?

When you refurbish something it is environmentally friendly and it saves a lot of good computer and other equipment from going to the dump, when all it needs is some TLC.  To buy something that is refurbished is also vastly cheaper than buying something brand new so it’s economically as well as environmentally friendly.

We are all guilty of throwing something out that we probably don’t use anymore, like a phone or laptop so next time we think of throwing something out, check if it still works or could still work and bring it somewhere where someone will have a use for it and give it a new lease of life.

Lets be honest we all have things at home that we don’t use anymore because we have a newer model even though it probably still works fine, it just needs a refurbish and a new lease of life.