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Refurbished Iphone Vs. Android OS

refurbished IphoneSince the huge impact of the Smartphone’s in people life the mobile device topics are some of a terrific interest. Currently on the market there are two top level types of phones, owning more than 90% of the sells across the globe: Android and iPhone. Each of them has its own unique strengths, but also its own disadvantages of using.

The first phone to overwhelm the market was Android. Running a Linux-based operating system, this mobile phone managed to be the first truly open-source mobile operating system. iPhone on the other hand is running its own developed iOS operating system, close designed for their own hardware technologies and with the accumulation of experience of their own experts in the development area.

Android vs iOS

In the following sections I will try to briefly overrun through the main pros and cons of these two operating systems, in order to be aware of the capabilities of each one when you decide to renew your mobile phone, maybe buying a refurbished Iphone 6.

In terms of battery management, there is no question that Apple provides a high ratio of performance/battery life. Considering the fact that iOS is not open sourced, the amount of applications developed for this type of phones is not so high as for Android. Thus, we can say that the system’s security is relatively higher for Apple than Android. This fact comes as a consequence of having less applications developed, but with a much higher quality overall.

Cross-Platform Applications for Android and Apple Devices

The main disadvantage for people in this gigantic battle is the fact that applications are not able to be ported between platforms. Luckily, there is nowadays being developed a tool named Xamarin, produced by Microsoft, which allows developers to program applications for both cross-platforms.

Be aware that on an Android phone malicious programs can very easy shut down your device, or worse, steal your personal data. This can be possible because as the operating system is open-source, many hackers cracked inside the kernel of it and found numerous vulnerabilities exploited inside their applications. Meanwhile, if you have an iOS device you don’t need to worry that much about this problem. From this point of view, Apple secured their applications very well and the number of vulnerabilities for this platform is either low, either these were not yet discovered by hackers.

Multitasking And Real-Time Features

One of the great advantages of Android is that new modules can be custom added to each application. This means that every developer can try to understand the very own logic of the platforms kernel and then he can easily add custom-made modules that can boost his application performance.

Also, multi-threading is a very powerful weapon of Android against iOS. Applications can easily intercommunicate with each other in order to create high quality back and front end programs that maybe will change our life in the future.

There is nothing to say regarding the fact that iOS has better support for real-time apps. His traceability and scalability is also higher, reason why this platform is chosen by many developers and companies.

Probably the main advantage of Apple software’s is that their applications should not concern about the hardware compatibilities. The fit conjunction will certainly be on as the hardware integrated inside each iPhone is specially designed by Apple in order to match with their programming libraries.


When it comes to the Graphical User Interface, both operating systems are on the same level of accessibility and beauty. So if you are a big fan of Apple and you don’t care about the money invested in your mobile device you will probably pursue the latest model to buy, but if you do care about the money and your budget is limited, an unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 is for sure the best choice for you to consider.

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