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Why Refurbish Old Computer Equipment

To refurbish something is to restore or renew to a condition where its almost like a brand new item in both appearance and usability.

At Green IT, we take PCs, laptops and other computer equipment that has been made surplus to requirements in a corporate workplace and overhaul them and bring them back to a condition that’s as close to brand new without them being brand new.

When the computer equipment is fully refurbished we sell them on to schools at a vastly reduced priced, we also sell them on to the public, again at a vastly reduced price.

The advantages of refurbishing old equipment for re-use is staggering. Instead of throwing out a laptop that’s say 7-8 years old, we take them in, if they’re still in reasonable working order (the only equipment we don’t take in are the ones that are beyond saving) we’ll take them in, open them up and completely overhaul them from the inside out. When refurbishing them we clean them for any debris and take the laptop apart and fix what ever needs to be fixed and update them with the latest operating system that is compatible with the computer.

So why refurbish old computer equipment?

When you refurbish something it is environmentally friendly and it saves a lot of good computer and other equipment from going to the dump, when all it needs is some TLC.  To buy something that is refurbished is also vastly cheaper than buying something brand new so it’s economically as well as environmentally friendly.

We are all guilty of throwing something out that we probably don’t use anymore, like a phone or laptop so next time we think of throwing something out, check if it still works or could still work and bring it somewhere where someone will have a use for it and give it a new lease of life.

Lets be honest we all have things at home that we don’t use anymore because we have a newer model even though it probably still works fine, it just needs a refurbish and a new lease of life.

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